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are you guys currently interseted in signing any hip hop artist
Autumn u r the best at what u do and i really admire ur hard work on forming such a strong and unique company. i would love to be apart of this.
i wuld suck Lbeastdoe dick he hella sexy.
i luv autumn n prettymoney.baby mamas 2 b.
i would like to see the company add rock and country music as well.
tillman u r great at what u do feeling the whole side by side camp ! how do i aboard the ship wit u contact me !!! thanks
Hey Crew, Just got the buzz about this site through your pal Josh. I already knew about Nike and Autumn. Nice to see the rest of you. Checking out the site and letting you all know that you have my full support. Nike WHERE ARE YOU DUDE? Haha We miss you. Chris
De De, Oh Ok. I will, Thanks. Mariela Cruz
Thank you Mariela, Josh and Wilson Cruz. The interview with Nike should be anyday now, it will be at dedetillmanblogs.wordpress.com
Sending my support to you guys. Love always, Mariela Cruz
Jea yall do what you do and don't take no for an answer! Love all yall, call on me for anything i got all yalls backs.
nike is y
Showing some love to the site
bringing love by yalls site. im a fan thats holdin yall down.